Friday, November 8, 2013

Culinary Differences

My husband and I were talking about a few past experiences from when we first started dating. One big thing was our culinary backgrounds. I grew up with southern cuisine and Matt grew up with take out menus, which lead to some differences in our typical everyday foods.

My mom had invited him over to dinner one night, for chicken and dumplings. For us this meal is biscuit like noodles either rolled in balls or flat, and chicken boiled in chicken broth which can sometimes be thickened.
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To Matt he knew Chicken dumplings, as in from the Chinese take out menu known as potstickers.
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So imagine his surprise when he arrived and was served this lumpy soup. 
Haha to this day I can remember his face's expression but he was brave and tried it.

The next experience we were married by then and went to a restaurant in Apalachicola with my family. We ordered Fried Green Tomatoes, which were cooked to perfection. My mom insisted Matt try one, and he did reluctantly. Only later that day, did my mom remember that Matt despises tomatoes. What a guy, willing to please his mother in law.
But who doesn't love Fried Green Tomatoes, they are simply delicious. 
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For Matt, he introduced me to scallion pancakes and moo shu, as you can see what one of his favorite styles of food is...His family, his dad in particular, also taught me the wonders of Matzo Brei which is like french toast made out of Matzo and I cook this dish year round because I love it so much.

Seriously though, living up here I am always on the hunt to find good collard greens, mac and cheese, and many other southern comforts that I took for granted growing up.

What did you grow up eating, that is a regional item?

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Linda said...

I did apologize for the tomato incident. But not the chicken and dumplings. No sir.